geosemantic (imaginations)

klassische dramaturgie.
macht fünf akte.

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even in the outskirts empty space becomes rare. i'm sitting on the grounds of the old battery manufactory that is being found in opposition of our southern-slope 'Platz am Kaisersteg'.

Leaves are falling, the Pendelverkehr somewhere in the background. As if I would be an expat living in these perimeters, watching from a distant outside; the constituent?.

In response to what has been said about []forking academia and []the ultimate word warrior tool lately on the chronicle's prohacker(?) blog by ... , where you do, btw., find a nice and compelling review of Gingko, correctly misspelled, I want to add certain points especially on real-time collaboration and current adaptations of the git sceme to different streams of activities than versioning code.


1 geo graphie
topo logie

2 granularity / molecules

3 streams
time became an inherent quality of the phenomena, ontepistemologic entities. the coherent move of singular events, proclaiming consciousness

mit climax

[ das ist jetzt der moment, wo ich die postmoderne überwinde und ... genau, dem tohuwabohu ein plateau biete. stabilität ist das falsche wort. das ähnelt mehr der kollabierenden wahrscheinlichkeitsverteilung. esogramme der kollektiv halluzinierten seinsverschreibung.

retardierendem moment im vierten akt
[pause] katharsis

danach : neue einlassung

  • biologische metaphern
  • evolution
  • invasion, infektion
  • ökologie


  • ökonomie
  • selbstorganisation, schwarmintelligenz, kollektive intentionalität, hive mind, multitude
  • gardening and orchestration/choreography

the field is now open. to something completely different.

und konklusion. 5 invading/infecting : new questions
die entlassung : ich bitte um neue fragen