A magic dwells in each beginning.

I'm now set up.

It does seem to me that my personal relaunch, the so called perpetual beta that I've entered a while ago, is slowly releasing its unrelenting force.

Appearantly a new quality entered my life. The research, progressing and stuck in the same time, builds a base line upon to build. Commercial activities help in keeping focused and constantly aware of the socio-economic threats waiting for those who rest. Finally cultural endeavours produce temporary, collective imaginations of a different society.

jonrichter.de is the commercial stand I'm relying on.

geosemantik.de is the social, philosophical and technological research where I propose my observations.

almereyda.de is the cultural exploration of night lives and sounds all over this planet, mostly related to Dub music.

This blog is the place where all those threads will finally converge.

Peace out.