[geosemantik] revisited

From technology-driven social research to locally applied ontologies. Collaboration, Open Everything and the Commons.

Within in the last decade we've become witnesses of very fundamental changes in technology savvy cultures and communities: After the (survived) death of the postmodern condition, an accelerated global knowledge exchange through information and communication technologies (ICT) next to the obvious inherent decline of neoliberal political practices, self-organized internet-based collaboration initiatives seek to substitute what we call the former nation state's institutions.

This blog's geosemantik scope is presenting my very personal views on the topics of:

  • Common'ification
  • data visualization
  • linked geodata
  • coding

Ideally I will retrospectively document existing study processes and subsequently describe the lont-term aims of these efforts.
Exemplifying what I'm talking about, I've thankfully had the chance to interact with the following study groups:

These so-called projects, used tools, How-Tos and hopefully philosophical underpinnings shall become the foundation for my locally emergent ontological, epistemological and normative, empiric frameworkintervention.

Thank you for reading.