Building TransforMap article series

This narrative came up while preparing the TransforMap landing page and is displayed here for reference.

The whole is to be concluded by a focus pieces on federated knowledge engineering.

The parts are:

I Web Applications + Data Syndication
II Federated Tempospatial Data + Decoupled GIS
III Communication Infrastructure for Organized Networks

initial disambiguations.

  • is my personal contribution to the Commons. To provide free and open communication infrastructure for self-organized initiatives.
  • Allmende were the pastures in villages where work and crop would have been shared equally. The word is the German translation of Commons.
  • These infrastructures have been provided to bootstrap and

Appearantly building this TransforMap, whatever it may become, can be challenging. But I know for sure it can only succeed if we agree on a computational ethics that is at least semi-aware of its implications. More on this later.