Abriss : Von MMM zu TransforMap

Jon Richter, im September 2015 Die partizipative Entwicklung eines hybriden GIS Schlagworte: Web Mapping, Volunteered Geographic Information, Participatory GIS, Geosemantics, Collaborative Ontology Modelling, Massively-scaled Small Data »

Expectation of Occurence

finding writing time not occupied with so-called 'projects' nor 'personal fulfillment', whatever that may mean. how do you put yourself into the state of not expecting »

FOSSGIS 2015 : MMM und TransforMap—ein Jahr danach

Michael Maier und Jon Richter CC-BY-SA 4.0 2014 Schlagworte Small Data TransforMap OpenStreetMap Open Knowledge Self Organization Organized Networks Alternative Economies Large-Scale Collaboration Federated Tempospatial »

Building TransforMap I

This post has been extracted from a too long forum answer that came up while preparing the TransforMap landing page and is displayed here for reference »


geosemantic (imaginations) klassische dramaturgie. macht fünf akte. 0 benification begrüßung even in the outskirts empty space becomes rare. i'm sitting on the grounds of the old »


You know, one day it will just happen you do wget -qO- https://get.docker.io/ | sh to get Docker, browse a little at https://registry »

FOSSGIS 2014 : Open Data und Selbstorganisation

Tagungsbandbeitrag zur FOSSGIS 2014 : Vortrag : Aufzeichnung : Slides : Outline : MMM Open Data und Selbstorganisation Jon Richter Von den Public Space Invaders zur Berliner Gartenkarte Der vorliegende Beitrag »

FOSSGIS 2014 : geo://semantik

Open Data und Selbstorganisation : von den Public Space Invaders zur Berliner Gartenkarte Schlagworte Aktionsforschung Selbstorganisation Open Everything Linked Geodata Datenvisualisierung Public Space Invaders Berliner Gartenkarte urbanistische »

Installing Ajenti on CentOS 6.4

If you want to install Ajenti (GitHub) and cannot right now, because the official domain ajenti.org has been overtaken, here are my notes to do »

[repost] experimentcity

This article was originally published on the EXPERIMENTDAYS 2012 Blog and was subtitled as “Where “Open” Society meets Creative Sustainability.” Another copy can by found at »

[geosemantik] revisited

From technology-driven social research to locally applied ontologies. Collaboration, Open Everything and the Commons. Within in the last decade we've become witnesses of very fundamental changes »

A magic dwells in each beginning.

I'm now set up. It does seem to me that my personal relaunch, the so called perpetual beta that I've entered a while ago, is slowly »