Ein Versuch über das Schließen langer Zyklen

Präpositionen einer Analysemethode für die digitalen kritschen kollektiven Kartographien. Vom Finden einer Überleitung von TransforMap zu Intermapping. im April und Mai 2018 Die Ausgangslage ist denkbar »

Abriss : Von MMM zu TransforMap

Jon Richter, im September 2015 Die partizipative Entwicklung eines hybriden GIS Schlagworte: Web Mapping, Volunteered Geographic Information, Participatory GIS, Geosemantics, Collaborative Ontology Modelling, Massively-scaled Small Data »

Expectation of Occurence

finding writing time not occupied with so-called 'projects' nor 'personal fulfillment', whatever that may mean. how do you put yourself into the state of not expecting »

FOSSGIS 2015 : MMM und TransforMap—ein Jahr danach

Michael Maier und Jon Richter CC-BY-SA 4.0 2014 Schlagworte Small Data TransforMap OpenStreetMap Open Knowledge Self Organization Organized Networks Alternative Economies Large-Scale Collaboration Federated Tempospatial »

Building TransforMap I

This post has been extracted from a too long forum answer that came up while preparing the TransforMap landing page and is displayed here for reference »


geosemantic (imaginations) klassische dramaturgie. macht fünf akte. 0 benification begrüßung even in the outskirts empty space becomes rare. i'm sitting on the grounds of the old »


You know, one day it will just happen you do wget -qO- https://get.docker.io/ | sh to get Docker, browse a little at https://registry »

FOSSGIS 2014 : Open Data und Selbstorganisation

Tagungsbandbeitrag zur FOSSGIS 2014 : Vortrag : Aufzeichnung : Slides : Outline : MMM Open Data und Selbstorganisation Jon Richter Von den Public Space Invaders zur Berliner Gartenkarte Der vorliegende Beitrag »

FOSSGIS 2014 : geo://semantik

Open Data und Selbstorganisation : von den Public Space Invaders zur Berliner Gartenkarte Schlagworte Aktionsforschung Selbstorganisation Open Everything Linked Geodata Datenvisualisierung Public Space Invaders Berliner Gartenkarte urbanistische »

Installing Ajenti on CentOS 6.4

If you want to install Ajenti (GitHub) and cannot right now, because the official domain ajenti.org has been overtaken, here are my notes to do »

[repost] experimentcity

This article was originally published on the EXPERIMENTDAYS 2012 Blog and was subtitled as “Where “Open” Society meets Creative Sustainability.” Another copy can by found at »

[geosemantik] revisited

From technology-driven social research to locally applied ontologies. Collaboration, Open Everything and the Commons. Within in the last decade we've become witnesses of very fundamental changes »

A magic dwells in each beginning.

I'm now set up. It does seem to me that my personal relaunch, the so called perpetual beta that I've entered a while ago, is slowly »